Merpy Christmakah!

Oh, the joys of Christmas. :)

Today is Christmas eve. This, I think, is the best day of the whole Christmas season. Because it lasts all day! From the time we wake up until we go to bed is all about Christmas. Today is the day we go through all the presents and count how many we have under the tree and feel them and try to figure out what they are. This is when we open board games - and play them all night! - and pajamas, then watch The Grinch (Jim Carrey edition..) and eat appetizers and junk food. Then we go to bed at like 10 so my parents Santa can come put the presents out. And it's good we go to bed so early, because we are ALWAYS up by 3:30am. It's absolutely insane. But that's how we roll. Presents are opened and enjoyed by 6, then I'm back in bed for another 4 hours.

This year, I'm more excited than I have been before.. Mainly because I bought my parents some pretty radically awesome gifts.. And because I have honestly no clue what I'm getting! Usually I give my mom a list with one big item, and little stocking stuffers on it.. So I always know what I'm getting. But this year I gave my mom a big wish list, and I know I'm not getting everything on it.. I don't even know if I'm getting anything on it! So it'll be a surprise to say the least.

AND I finally gave Carter his present!! :) I'm kind of excited.. Cause I've had it for like a month and a half, so I just was too psyched up about it. I took it to him this morning, and he was like I'M NOT OPENING IT UNTIL TOMORROW!! and I was like fine, I don't care! (but I think he'll open it tonight.. haha) I just LOVE giving!! AND I'm going to beg him to take me to the nativity in Lethbridge tonight. :) I need a good Christmas feeling, and maybe a cup of Timmy Hoes hot chocolate supreme. It's divine. Michelle, you're definitely missing out..

All right, well I'm going to enjoy the festivities. :) Everyone have a great Christmas!! <3 I want to see a million comments and Facebook statuses and blog posts about how everyone's Christmas is!!

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