yes! i did it! i wrote missionaries letters today! :) we sent david a package for his birthday, and we got letters from him earlier this week.. so it only makes sense that i would write him back.. but so soon? i think i'm also going to make him a christmas scrapbook.. and send it after christmas.. like take pictures of me, adrian, marshall, ethan, sydnee, carter, jessica, viktoria, kelsey, dino.. everyone.. and have everyone write him a little blurb.. then compile it, and send it! i think he'll like it. :) but then! in addition to writing david a 3 page letter.. i wrote mitchell baker - aka, my future husband.... - a letter! he gets home in march! crazzzzy! i can't even wait to see him!! <3

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  1. oh you sick dog.... I believe that your NOW wouldn't like this post very much... :)