one of those days.

I love good news!!

I also love Slurpees.

And Cool Ranch Doritos chips.

I love when Andrew tells me that my iPhone screen is in so he can fix it.

I love finding out that I will be receiving a $300 cheque in the mail soon.

I love The Lion King.

I love the thought of another job. Soon.

I love comments on my blog posts! *hint ;)


I hate when people are irresponsible and forgetful.

I hate hypocrites.

I hate mopping.

I hate sweeping.

I hate cleaning.

I hate drywall dust.

I hate the spec house.

I hate Ryan's phone.

I hate that I owe my dad a lot of money.


I love when my hair looks like this :

And people compliment me on it! Like honest compliments! The kind that make you just smile and feel so good about yourself!

I love driving my mom's new Jeep (2010 Sahara! It's precious!)

I hate being forgotten.

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