am i too old for sprinkles?

C.M.P & N.P.M took on GF,MT on 11/06/10. And it was AWESOME!

I think we will be doing it again. Haha. I just love shopping and other awesome things. I also just love when Carter and I are both exhausted and it's hilarious. I mean, other people probably think we're retarded.. But I promise we're not. :)

Things we learned this weekend..

Golden Corral is delicious.
Golden Corral has a great waitress named Theresa. We left her a $6.00 tip! 
While at Golden Corral, you may or may not see a family walk in that, if traveling in a vehicle together, would have to stop at a weigh station.
Cell phones aren't always necessary. But they're nice to have.
When you walk in to a shoe store.. Take deep breaths. This will eliminate the excitement.
Manchester is nothing but a huge trailer park.
Actually, most of Montana is a huge trailer park!
The speed markers are in mph, not k/hr.
Border patrol people aren't always scary.
Letting your girlfriend (me) drive home is always a good idea.
Monsters are cheap.
Diet Coke is cheap.
Fuel is disgustingly cheap.
If you eat at Golden Corral for lunch, you will not be hungry until you get home, around 8:00pm.
Target is always a good idea.
Gumboots are not always a good idea.
It's okay to watch boxing.
It's okay to stay at your boyfriends house with his family for a couple hours while he isn't there.
Passcodes on iPhones? Not a great idea.
Some breeds of dogs have long tails. Some of them do not. The reason they do not? PEOPLE CUT THEM OFF! (This is okay with some breeds though, ie., Boxers.)
Toy Story 3.
Karate Kid.
Country 95.5 :)
Road trips are great.

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