things that i love. :)

true, or sarcastic? you decide.

1.i love late night phone calls that last about 2 hours.
last night Carter called me on his way home (about 9:40) and we were on the phone until 11:30! :)

2.i love being awake for 18 hours a day.
yesterday I realized that I wake up around 6, and don't go to sleep until midnight. usually.

3.i love playing in the snow.
we played in the snow yesterday. :) it was cold!

4.i love being diabetic.
my blood sugars suck.

5.i love when it's only -8ºC instead of -25ºC.
i think i can deal with the wind.

6.i love pajamas.
my jeans got all wet and frozen, so i stole some pjs from the bf!

7.i love show choir.
oh my goodness, how i love it.

8.i love automatic car starters.
i hope someone got paid billions and millions of dollars for this!

9.i love brilliant ideas.
ie, full serve gas stations, automatic car starters, laptops, cameras, blackberrys, iphones..

10.i love army men.
this is true. 150% true.

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