Some People!! con't.

Remember my last post? Well, I had another experience like that today..

I took M and T to the mall to buy Carter his Christmas present (success!!), and a woman at a kiosk stopped me and looked at the girls and said, "Are you their.. Umm.. Big sister?" and I said "No, I'm their nanny." and she said "Phew, I was hoping you weren't their mother!"

What? Do you think I'd be an unfit mother? What if I was their mother? I'd probably be offended. Maybe I'm actually like 30 and I just happen to look 18! Jealous? [Sidenote.. In typing this - on my phone - I missed some letters in jealous, and it came up as krakow! Turns out that's an actual word??]

But no, I'm glad the woman asked instead of just judging me for being a teen mother lol.

Last night, me and Carter finally went to go see "The Town".. And there's one part where Ben Affleck (yummy!) is mocking some guy for being a G.I Joe and tucking his pants into his combat boots. I about split my pants laughing, because Carter had his big army boots on... With his pants tucked in!!!! Hahaha he's a treat.

Also, it's Friday... Dislike to infinity and beyond. Although I am getting my hair done tomorrow, going to a football game - GO COMETS!! - and to Harry Potter!!

And! There are only 36 days until Christmas!!!! :)

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