awkward / awesome.

Sydney does this all the time. It's genius.

However, I don't really have very many awkward / awesome experiences to share. Here's a couple though.

AWKWARD - It's always awkward when Elizabeth (Carter's mom) tries kicking me out. ["Carter, you need to be getting to bed.", "Carter, it's bedtime.", "Carter, I want you in your pajamas with your teeth brushed and in bed in 10 minutes.", 20 minutes later - "Carter, go to bed."] For some reason she won't just say, "Nicole, you need to go." She just hints at it forever, and finally I feel awkward enough and just leave. Haha.

AWESOME - Making cookies for Carter, seeing Carter in his uniform, watching movies, Diet Dr. Pepper, intense conversations between Carter and my dad about his future (although this could definitely be classified as awkward, too.), Carter, poppies, memory foam pillows.

Oh, now I think I will tell you all about my first 'major surgery', coming up on January 6, 2011.

No, it's not my gall bladder like I thought it would be.. It's my darn wisdom teeth! All 4! :( One of them has been bothering me for a couple weeks, so I made an appointment with Dr. Heggie right after my appointment with Dr. Gibb (power chains, only 7 more months of train tracks!!). Dr. Gibb mentioned that he was going to refer me to get my wisdoms out, and I was like hold up, I already have an appointment. So I went to see Dr. Heggie and he referred me to a nice man named Dr. Rollingson. When Dr. Rollingson looked at my x-ray he turned to his assistant and said, "Ooh.. That's a doozie." EXCUSE ME? I'M SITTING RIGHT HERE! What he meant was that my mouth is SO tiny he'll have to break the teeth to get them out of there!! However, I do get put under full sedation, which should be a real treat.

ANNNND I'll mention how excited I am for December!!

I get Decembe3rd off, then on Decembe9th or 10th, Jessica Baker gets home! Then on Decembe16th, I get to go see Kaiti! I can't even wait! And on Decembe17th Viktoria gets home! Then it's Christmas, Sugar Bowl, New Years! Plus, Carter has like 2 or 3 weekends off, and I have 13 days off work! It'll be cold.. But totally worth it, I think!! :)

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