;; i gotta feeling..

That tonight's gonna be a good night..

Oh, the wonderfulness that is Friday, November 4..

Usually, I hate November. 'Tis the worst. Show Choir choreo, Christmas shopping, freezing weather, no money..

However... I'm gonna say that I'm right thrilled for November. Right now, anyway..

  1.  Carter has this weekend off.
  2. There is a football game tonight - LCI, baby! Goin' down! :P
  3. It's like 22C right now!! FABULOUS!!
  4. It's totally Friday. Need I say more?
  5. Although Taylor is at the peak of her terrible two's, Madi is making up for it with wonderful behavior.
  6. Diet Coke and Reeses Cups.
  7. 2 paydays, and a cheque from the school board!
Plus, no Show Choir. :) Bonus. But I do miss Gina!! A lot!!

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