Last minute.

Here ends my weekend. I hate weekends. This weekend was Halloween, which normally would have cancelled out the suckyness of weekends, but it was fiercely lame. Although, I did attend my first YSA dance, flanked by Kimber.. It was excellent. As long as Carter is at BMQ, I will be showing my face at more of those.

*Note to self - Do NOT wear heels to another YSA dance. Ever. Under any circumstances. Worst. Idea. Ever.

Carter has next weekend off - hip hip hooray!! - so on FRIDAY we are going to the football game (Go Comets!) and The Town (Hello, Ben Affleck.. You are the only reason I will go see this movie... Well that, and because C has been to so many chick flicks with me!). Then on SATURDAY, we are going to Great Falls! I have to send Elder Paxman a package (his birthday is in 12 days!!!!) and buy some new jeans. I dunno what C wants to do, but any time we have to spend together is most wonderful. :) On SUNDAY we have church, then I might beg him to take me to Waterton so we can take some cheesy, romantic, and/or hideous pictures. I can't even wait.

Anyways, today we went out to eat with my family - love you BP's - and then we went to Walmart, wherein I discovered that I love penguins and infant clothing. :)

Until next time,

Ciao, bella. :)


  1. why do you hate weekends so badly?

  2. i'm glad you discovered NEVER to wear heals to a dance. you will be tempted. do NOT give in! you WILL regret it! haha