Some People!!

so today, i was at mcdonald's in walmart with M and T, and we were just minding our business, hanging out, eating some burgers, when i overheard a conversation.

guy 1 - ...yeah, high school was the worst 4 years of my life.
girl - where did you go to high school?
guy 1 - oh, over east. i'm from ontario.
[it's safe to gather that guy 1 and girl didn't know each other. guy 2 and girl did though.]
girl - oh, lucky! big schools, right? i went to a little tiny school. like 200 kids. worst experience ever.
guy 2 - i love my high school! green and gold, baby!
guy 1 - are you gay?
girl - [hahahahahaha]
guy 2 - no! i just love being a ram!
guy 1 - [rolls eyes] why did you hate high school?
girl - because it's so cliquey. if you don't belong in a clique you're an outcast. i didn't even fit in with the outcasts!
guy 1 - why's that?
girl - i was the goth/emo/freaky chick that no one liked.
guy 2 - you're still like that.
guy 1 - oh. my high school wasn't like that. but it was pretty preppy. i don't think there were any goth kids there at all. oh! except there was actually one.
girl - see? she was an outcast, huh?
guy 1 - [phone ringing]. hello? oh hey babe! oh. yeah. yeah. yeah. uh huh. okay. yeah. walmart. yep. no problem. alright. bye.
girl - who was that?
guy 1 - my girlfriend. she needs me to pick up diapers. ugh. fatherly duties, i guess. it's not even my kid!
girl - what?
guy 1 - well, i do have a kid. she's 4. my girlfriend has a 1 year old too.
girl - how old are you?
guy 1 - 21.
girl - that's crazy.
guy 1 - yeah i guess so. but check this girl out behind you! she's gotta be what? 18? and she has 2 kids. and that older one is probably 5!
girl - eww.. some people.
me - uh, excuse me. these actually aren't my kids.
guy 2 - suuuuure.
guy 1 - yeah, that's what they all say.
girl - [hahahaha]
me - madi, give your sister her food.
M - nicole. i did not steal her food.
guy 1 - [whispering] i bet she trained them to not call her mom, as to avoid any awkward confrontation.

some people these days!


  1. pahahahahahaha. that's just awesome. My friend in high school had the same thing. We were 16 or 17 when her mom had a baby and she would be holding her and people would rudely make comments about teenage moms and such. People are idiots. But this was awesome.

  2. HAHAHA!!! Wow...what a great post. :D Alex always gets frowned upon because she looks so young and she has a 1 year old daughter. They just don't know Alex is actually 24.

  3. Oh man! That is gold! At least you got your age right and didn't think you were younger!

  4. Well try everyone thought I was Hannah's mom.. I was what... 11 years old when Hannah was born... yep. try that one out for size.. this is hilarious!!