5 day weekends.

this week - the shortest work week ever.. only two days! - i learned some things.

there is, in fact, an apple store in calgary. at market mall. and they do, in fact, replace iphone 3gs screens. you know. hypothetically. just in case i should ever need a replacement.

iphone 3gs screens smash relatively easily.

american eagle jeans - especially the artist fit - make my 'bum look good', according to taylor. and according to me. i love them.

not going to school rocks. but not leaving the mclaren's house for hours at a time is super lame. i get so bored so easily. and when i'm bored i get frustrated super easily.

crafts with a 2 year old and a 5 year old are a lot easier said than done. note to self, wait until taylor is napping until attempting the next craft.

taylor doesn't like having paint on her hands.

or her pants.

or her stomach.

or her feet.

taylor doesn't like paint.

paychecks disappear rather quickly.

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