empty words full of promise.

- sometimes 2 year olds just don't want to nap. good thing i only deal with her until 5, cause i'm pretty sure she's gonna be nasty tonight.

- sometimes wind is beautiful. like right now. mclaren's have this gorgeous weeping willow (is that what they're actually called?) tree in their front yard, and the long branches are full of yellow and green leaves, and they're blowing and it's gorgeous. and every now and then a HUGE gust of wind will come along and pick up all the leaves off the street and the neighbor's yards and just blow them around in the sky. it's incredible.

- drive-thru subway is actually delicious.

- it's okay go to go bed at 9:30. it's also a good idea to make sure that when you reset the time on your alarm clock, that you differentiate between AM and PM. my mom woke me up at 6:30am today. THANK GOODNESS, because my alarm clock was planning on waking me up at 6:30pm. now, that would have been awesome.. but maybe not..

- i need to stop watching 'i didn't know i was pregnant', because i keep having dreams about me having babies that i didn't know about!!!

- people in raymond have big freaking mouths, and they think they know everything.

- high school girls are a lot more immature than i remember them being when i was in high school. (you know. like 5 months ago..)

- my boyfriend is awesome.

- myriam is also awesome. i do love that girl.

- one day i want to be famous and say smart, witty, clever things because then girls like me - with no lives - will google search 'clever quotes' and find a spew of things i've said, which they will then proceed to copy and paste to post in their blog, or as their facebook status. ex.// "When [he] kisses you he isn't doing anything else. You're his whole universe..And the moment is eternal because he doesn't have any plans and isn't going anywhere. Just kissing you.. It's overwhelming."

- my life is so boring.

OH! okay. so here's what happened in my life yesterday. it was possibly the longest day ever!!

first, i was an idiot and didn't go to bed until like 2am sunday night/monday morning. i then had to be up at 6:30 because my ultrasound was at 7:15. i walked into the radiology clinic (which, by the way, got me intrigued in a career as an ultrasound techincian? any one have an opinion on that?) and checked in, then i sat down beside a couple about my grandparents age. the woman looked at me, then whispered - loudly, might i point out - to her husband.. 'pregnant. tsk tsk. i wonder where her mother is..' yeah. whatever. so i had the ultrasound, la de da, then we went to eat at denny's. i haven't been there since like grade 10, when i was hanging out with david and mike and matt and chelsie and josh. it was delicious!! but then i was so exhausted that i crashed. i slept in the van until like 10. then we went and bought me a car! yay! it's a white, 1998 dodge neon - i'll post a picture when i get home - and then i went and got contacts, went home, ate lunch with carter and nathan (hugh jass!!), made cookies.. yeah. good stuff. then me and carter decided to go to lethbridge. so we did. car, beauty. running SO good. then we got home, and we went in the house, and a couple minutes later we went back out and it wouldn't start! turns out it's just something simple, but it's still frustrating!

ps. michelle, is it okay for me to ignore taylor while i'm trying to get her to sleep? in the hope that she will sleep? or is 2 hours too long to wait for her to sleep? i think it might be because her room is really really hot.. but it usually is!

fun facts?

i have become obsessed with marilyn monroe quotes. i also am obsessed with adding things to my blog. deal with it.

today is marshall's 18th birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARSHIE!!

today is also the day that marks me and carter have been dating for 3 months. just saying. :)


  1. who has a big mouth? Glad to hear that things are mostly going good. An ultra sound tech would be a neat job. But it's a sad job too. You get to tell some people the best news {you're having a baby!! yay!!} but you also have to give sad news {no, no sign of a fetus. It looks as though you've miscarried...again} Hopefully there are a lot more better news days then sad news days. Anyway, lots to think about huh? ttys, L

    ps. you make me happy, when skies are grey!

  2. Uhh.. Gina, you should text me and I'll tell you the story about the girl with the huge mouth. :)