Miss Myriam.

The love of my life. That is all. :) Haha. We're like pretty much best friends by now. :) Good thing, too. Cause we talk about everything and everyone and we gossip like it's no one's business - cause it isn't! We talk about boys and about school and life and stupid people and people we love. Sometimes we even like to hang out. :) But most of the time we just text and talk on the phone. But yeah. This girl is amazing. She's beautiful and hilarious and she has an amazing voice and a great personality. :) How many smilies can I even put in one post?!?! HAHA! :) Oops. And we do each other favors too. Sometimes. And we're not afraid to tell each other when the other one is being annoying or stupid or a BRAT!! PAHA. Anyways.. I love you, Myriam! I'm glad we're not fighting anymore!! :)

Ps. Everytime I hear "Magic" by B.O.B I think of you.. Just sayin'.

You've got the magic!!!!

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  1. Awe noochie i love you! Thank you :) that is so sweet. I wish i had an account. dont worry ill figure it out :P
    love you tons gurl
    <3 myriam