girls night.

i used to be really close with a bunch of girls. like my whole last 2 years of high school we hung out all the time and had so much fun. but since i graduated and started dating carter i haven't seen lots of them. so last night we had a girls night! me and attena and sydnee and kimber! we went and saw 'you again', which was probably the best movie i've seen in a while. i cried of laughter through pretty much the entire thing. then we went to walmart and just ran around and hid and took some nice pictures of sydnee, then bought some food that we could take to kimber's and cook for her and leave the leftovers, cause she's a poor college student now. :P alfredo, salad, and cheesecake. it was divine. so i'd just like to thank these lovely ladies for a fantastic night out! :)

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