what is this life? is it a reality? or is it a dream? or a dream inside a dream? are we the architects of our own reality? or is there some projection of our subconscious mind that creates the world we inhabit?

i love inception.

it's the freaking craziest movie i've ever seen. leaves you thinking, and freaking out. makes you wonder how in heaven's merciful name they filmed some of the scenes, and leonardo dicaprio still leaves your heart beating every time the camera zooms in on his gorgeous blue eyes.

i'm smitten.

thank you, carter, for the wonderful evening.

thank you, adrian, for suggesting 'inception'.

thank you, christopher nolan, for directing this movie.

thank you, joseph gordon-levitt, for being in 'angels in the outfield', so, so long ago, and growing up to be so attractive in this movie.

thank you, leo, for also being so dang hot and making this movie amazing.

and thank you, ellen page, for being in a serious movie, for now i don't see you as only a pregnant teenager. although i think you were much better in 'juno' than you were in 'inception'. but i won't judge you.

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