money management?

now that i'm officially an adult with a steady income.. i've made a list of 'large ticket items' i need to purchase.

first and foremost - my car. or i should say A car, since i'm selling mine. this will be purchased by way of monthly payments to my fajja.

second - a laptop! i'm gonna need one for school eventually, and i'm gonna want one when i move out, so i'd best just buy one already! (however, i'm hoping for christmas i get one.. :P so i'm waiting.)

i need to pay to get a new screen for my iphone.

i need a new straightener and blow dryer.

i'm going to buy a gym membership. i haven't decided if i want to do it in lethbridge (i could go after work?) or in raymond (close to home.. go whenever i want?). because i need to get in some semblance of shape. maybe i'll lose another jean size or two!!

an ihome!

maybe a tv? but maybe not, cause if i get a laptop i can just watch movies! :)

i also need a new wardrobe. like really. new shoes, new socks, new pants, new underwear!, new shirts, sweaters, hoodies, jackets, winter coat..

ohh and i'm going to go snowboarding / skiing this season and see if i want to buy skis or a snowboard or a membership or something. you know? hmm..

did i mention that i'm also trying to save for school? and i have to pay for gas to drive to lethbridge every day? and i pay tithing twice a month? ha ha ha. i'm terrible...


  1. yeah, I have a list like that too. Except mine says: Treadmill, Kindle {electronic book thing}, smokin' camera, big diamond, a big house, and I could go on, but I might just embarass myself with how much money I COULD spend.

  2. Oh, Laura.. I just decided I need to add a camera to the list. If I had a big house I'd buy a treadmill haha. But maybe in the spring I'll be in shape.. And I can run with you on the road!! No promises. :P