outings, peanut butter cookies, and tears.

Taylor and I had our first outing to the mall. And for a two year old and an unexperienced temporary mother, I think we did relatively good!

Madi  has decided that I make dang good cookies! Good thing, too. I almost beat her. :P

I kinda feel bad that I let Taylor cry herself to sleep.. But she needs a nap, and me going in there to comfort her is not going to help her fall asleep!!

Turns out I only work today and tomorrow. Yes, this means my long weekend is actually Thursday-Monday. Jealous? Yeh, you should be! :)

On a more serious note, my mom's cousin Brian Atwood died today. :( He has a son that's a couple years younger than me, and another son that's like Justin's age. He's been through a lot though.. He didn't take care of his diabetes when he was younger (oops..) so earlier this year he had his foot amputated because there was no circulation in it. Sunday morning he had a heart attack, and he had been in a coma since then. This morning the doctors pronounced him brain dead, so his family pulled the plug. However, death is always a terrible thing. I don't know if I can bear going to the funeral, especially knowing that I'm on the same path he was when he was my age. Look how that worked out! I know I need to take better care of myself.. And maybe I can use Brian as my inspiration and motivation. Hopefully. My prayers go out to his family, especially Dallan, who I've come to be pretty close with.

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  1. Letting them cry it out is the best way to do it! It's not mean. It helps them learn how to go to sleep on their own! I am glad to hear your jobs is going well.

    I am sorry to hear about Cousin Brian. So sad. We will remember his family in our prayers.