superlative phone conversations.

i love talking on the phone.

i love when my phone rings.

i love talking to carter on the phone way more than texting.

i like talking to myriam on the phone way more, because we both talk alot faster - and with a lot more emotion - than a text can convey.

i love talking on the phone because it's so much easier to say what you want to. and faster.

if texting had been invented first, we'd all be so excited that you could make a phone call and HEAR the person instead of just reading what they're saying.

granted, it's a lot easier to text during class (for carter and myriam), but i'd rather have a human conversation on the phone. that way it's not about dora or barney or caillou (ew) or playing house or counting pennies or the potty. hahah. i love my girls. :)

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  1. THanks yes, texting takes all the emotion out of what you're saying, and try as you might, there is no helping that, plus when you text a 5 min conversation can take an hour! ;)