Chocolate Pudding, Rain, and Cadavers.

It's been awhile since I - or, uh.. Marshall, rather - posted. So I decided I'd best just update since last Friday! :) But then I decided that a lot has happened since Friday, so I'm just going to mention my favorite things that happened.
First. My mom bought us chocolate pudding. I don't know if you've ever had chocolate pudding, but it is probably the best thing since sliced bread. And I love sliced bread a lot. Chocolate pudding is just a.. Mm. It's almost a liquid, and it's almost a solid. It's sort of like poop. But it's so delicious. It's chocolate!! I LOVE chocolate!! So like I was saying, my mom bought chocolate pudding. I had it last night before bed, and I had it for breakfast this morning, and I'm going to have it for supper tonight, probably. 
Second. It's raining. It's been raining since last night sometime. I don't even know when. I just love how clean the rain makes everything. Except.. My road is mud. So driving down my road makes my truck not so clean. But it's all good. I will wash my truck when it stops raining. Which means it'll probably be summer. Finally. I love summer! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Summer is the best thing ever. 
Third. Cadavers. Yesterday our Bio 30 class - with some extra students - went to Calgary. We went to the Foothill's Hospital "Gross Anatomy Lab". And that's what it was. Gross. Anatomy. In a lab. There were 4 bodies - very dead, bodies - that were dissected in different ways to see the different planes and parts of the body. It was cool, to a point.. But then it was like.. Gross. Because they were real people that donated their bodies! And we were like touching them and stuff! I mean, I didn't actually touch it.. I held a brain.. But I didn't touch any bodies! Haha! Then we went to the Telus Science Center where Body Worlds was. More dead bodies. But these ones were plasticized, so they just looked like plastic! Which I was fine with. It was a great day!!
This week, I learned that:
Kaitlyn Turner has some amazing talents.
Sean Flynn is freaking the most attractive guy ever.
Holly Drew is my favorite girl.
Ellen Degeneres is gay!! *gasp!*
Me and Carter Peterson rock at being awesome.
Happiness is a choice.

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