So today I had my first IV, and my first hospital stay. Although, I'm not sure if it counts as a hospital stay.. Since it was only 7 hours. But here's what happened!
This post contains information on my health! So deal with it, or don't read it! :)
Around 9 o'clock last night (Tuesday) I was just minding my own business, cleaning my bathroom, when all of a sudden my stomach just started churning. I ignored it for a bit, then by the time I went to go upstairs I seriously had to crawl. At 9:30 I threw up.. And went and tried to go to sleep. I threw up every hour, on the hour. Unless I tried eating / drinking anything. Then I threw up 15 minutes after I ate or drank. So I was trying to sleep until like.. 3:30. Then I went and told my mommy that I just was gonna go die, basically. So she took me up to the hospital. They gave me an IV with gravol, took my blood, all this sick dump stuff. The best part was that I got to eat ice chips. :) Mm. I freaking love the hospital's ice chips! At 8:30 they gave me some apple juice and I kept it down until 10 o'clock so I got to go home! Where I slept on the couch until like.. 4 o'clock. I feel much better now. And I'm glad it happened yesterday/today instead of like Thursday/Friday!! I refuse to be sick for grad!!

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