Best Friends. :)

I have 3 of the best friends in the entire world. I mean, don't get me wrong.. I have some other amazing friends too. But these 3 are MY bests! :) So first.
David Scott Paxman.
Elder David Scott Paxman. :)
Yeah, that's right.. My best friend is a missionary. And I am so proud of him for it. However, I can't really write too much about him, or I get too emotional. He's serving in Atlanta, Georgia. He left on March 3, 2010. I don't even know how we met. Haha. I think probably because I was sort of dating his best friend. And then after we broke up.. Me and Davie dated. And it was legit. :) I just love this guy.. I almost called him a kid, but he's anything but a kid. I can't wait for him to get home and see how much he's changed and grown up.

Jessica Marie Baker.
My twin.
Okay, so we're not really twins. But we might as well be! We have a TON in common.. Like we love the same TV shows and colors and food and we're both too lazy to do our hair and we both have brothers named Justin and Tyler and our cousins are cousins AND we have the same birthday! (See picture below.)
Me and Jessica
August 17, 2009
This year for OUR birthday, MY mom took us to get pedicures and we ate at the Cheesecake Cafe. It was divine. However, this birthday we will be separated, for she will be back at school (She's a WSU - Weber State University - Wildcat!) and I will be attending a Michael Buble concert with my mother and my OTHER best friend (see below for details). I love when Jessica comes home from school, because sometimes we cry together. And we used to get ready for Show Choir together..
But then she graduated, so I had to get ready for Show Choir by myself. :( Oh well. :) We are just the best of friends.
Oh, before I move on to my last, but certainly not least best friend.. Here is my ALL TIME favorite picture of Jessica..
Check out that leg action..
Okay, so as promised.. I present to you all.. Viktoria Sulz. :) This girl is AMAZING. Here is the story of how we met.
Once upon a time, in June/July? of 2008, I lived in a new house on the North side of town. So I was in 5th ward now, where I had been in 1st ward before. For some reason, I was sitting in the choir seats at church when this gorgeous girl walked in the back door. And I recognized her IMMEDIATELY. How? I had her on Facebook. :) And her hair that day was exactly the same as it had been in her profile picture since I added her. So I was sitting by Marshall(?) and I was like.. "That's Viktoria Sulz!" and he was like.. "It's weird that you know that." I decided I didn't want to go up and talk to her because.. Well, that'd be weird. Since we had probably only met like once in real life, and that was before she moved.. So when I was like in grade 4. Ya, that'd be super weird. INSTEAD I decided to creep her out on Facebook. So I got her cell phone number - weird that she had her number posted, yes - and texted her. And what I said was.. "Hey Viktoria, my name's Nicole. :) I know it's weird that I'm texting you.. But we're neighbors this summer.. So if you ever want to do anything, just send me a text!" And she said, "Ok thanks!" The next day.. I texted her and said.. "Hey, me and my friend - David - are going for a walk with my cousin. You in?" She said yes, so me and David took little Kalia over to her trailer, for their house was not yet completed to the point of living inside.. And we went for a walk. And that was the day I realized that I loved a girl named Viktoria Ashley Sulz.
Viktoria was the one who told me to tell David that I had a crush on him, which resulted in us dating. :) Viktoria is the girl who lives at my house when she comes to Raymond, even though her mother's house is right next door! Viktoria is the girl who has a best friend - Kati - who looks the same as me! Viktoria is gorgeous. :) Viktoria is incredibly unselfish. She went to Ukraine and taught English last fall (September - December) and she is going to China to teach English this fall! (August - December). I want to grow up to be just like her! :) She's also the girl who always comes down and surprises me! One time, my whole family was in Waterton camping and I didn't go because.. Well, I don't know why I didn't go. But it was Sunday and I was planning on going to Waterton that afternoon. But I was sad about it. So I texted Viktoria (I call her Viktoria because I think Tori is much to plain of a name for such a wonderful girl!) and told her I didn't want to go to Waterton by myself. And she said, I'll come with you! And I said ya, like that's possible! And she was like ya, you're right. :( So then I was like.. Awe. I miss you so much! And she was like yeah, I wish I could hug you right now! And THEN! She called me. And she was like.. Come open your front door! And I was like.. SHUT UP! And I started BAWLING because I was so excited that she was here!! Turns out she just like.. I don't even know. Haha. She was here for like two days. And it was AMAZING. I was so happy to see her beautiful smiling face. :) She always knows exactly what I need to here and she knows how to make me in the best mood! Sometimes she calls me and we talk on the phone for ridiculously long periods of time.
One time, me and the handsome young men seen in the picture above (Adrian, David, and Marshall) decided that we wanted to road trip up to Edmonton to go to Tori's house, since she always comes to ours. The day after the semester ended, we took off in Adrian's car - Fred. This was a momentous adventure, especially because we were able to witness the marriage of Fred to Edna - Viktoria's car. We had so much fun!! I wish I could live with Viktoria, for the adventures would never be sparce!!
I love all of these amazing people. And I wish that I could write a blog on all of my amazing friends! Actually, I probably could. Who would I write about? Well, Marshall, Adrian, Ethan, Myriam, Roxanne, Carter, Sparks (I call him Sparks because I already have a boy named Nathan in my phone, and I hate getting confused! So Sparks it is!), Holly, Mattie J., Michael, Nikora (probably gonna be the best grad date ever! But that's a post for next week.. After grad!), not to mention my numerous cousins (Kaiti and Emily!!). Maybe one day I will write a post on all of these people. And I probably need to write a post on my family. My amazing mother and daddy and my awesome brothers! My life is such a blessing! I love everyone that I come in contact with - well, with a couple exceptions.. :)

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