Just A Small Town Girl.

Living in a lonely world.. :)
Jokes. It's not too lonely. Just today, cause I'm bored.
But tomorrow.....
*Drum roll, please!*
Yes, ladies and gentlemen.. My last - final, senior, the end! - Show Choir trip. Feelings? I'm kind of sad! Trip is hands down the best part of Show Choir. Besides the songs that Laura choreographs. :P I do love that woman.
Anyways. So in Grade 10 we took a train - yep, a train!! - to Spokane, Washington. And it was so hot and we all got sunburns and it was so fun! I roomed with Malissa, Sydnee, and Paige.. And we invented vertical spooning.

It was kind of a big deal.
Then in Grade 11 we went to HAWAII! And it was amazing and I love Hawaii and me and m mom just went back to Hawaii in April and it was fantastic and I miss it. :( But whatever.. That's over and done with.. It was just a big - bigger than Spokane! - deal, that's all. Anyways. I roomed with Attena, Roxanne, and Maddie. :)
This was at the Lai'e Temple Visitor's Center. Look how happy we all are! Because we were in HAWAII!! :)
And this year, as I mentioned earlier, Yellowstone. I mean, if you compare it to taking a train to Spokane and just going to Hawaii.. It's kind of lame. But! Not if you go with a positive attitude! Which I am! This year I'm rooming with my mom. Haha! It's kind of a long story, but that's where I'm at. It's fine though. Highlights of this years trip?
The Golden Corral!! I am so freaking excited to just eat there! It's the most amazing restaurant ever..
Lewis and Clark Caverns. I went with my family a couple years ago, on our way to California, and I loved it, although my family members weren't such avid fans.
The home of Yogi Bear - right? Yellowstone National Park - Old Faithful. I've always wanted to see Old Faithful. For as long as I can remember. And for some reason, my parents have never taken us! So I'm pretty excited to finally fulfill my life long dream! :P
Not to mention that we're also touring the Malmstrom Air Base in Great Falls, performing the whole show 3 times - once for a joint Stake Youth activity in Great Falls, and for 2 schools in Three Forks - and.. Well, I'm not even sure what else. But have you ever heard the saying..
"Getting there is half the fun."
Because with Show Choir.. Getting there is ALL the fun. I can't wait for the bus ride!!! :) Although I'll admit, I'll miss my graduated friends quite fiercely. David and Jessica and Stephanie and Naomi and Jayna always made the trip lively.. Mike and Nikora and Holly will make up for it, I'm sure!
Well, bloggers, don't miss me too much! I won't be back online to blog until SUNDAY! Hold out!


  1. Your blogs are fun, keep them up :)

  2. hahaha Nooch! I love your blog ! :P thats awesome! im not done reading but im gonna read EVERYTHING! so get ready for lots of comments lol :P
    myriam <3