Best Day of My Life.

So here we are, are Hannah Gibb's hoose. Again. And me and Meg and Roxanne are just drinking some serious electrolytes - SOO GOOD! :) And then I was like.. Meg! What should the title be?! And she was like.. The best day of my life! So then I was thinking why it would be the best day of my life.. And maybe because I slept in until 11, then had to be at Show Choir at 12:30.. No big deal.. Or maybe because I had a delicious steak sub from Subway and a Sprite slurpee and biffed it while I was trying to run upstairs to open the door.. Or maybe because I just did my last Show Choir performance on a Raymond stage... But whatever! I guess now I just have to make sure the rest of my day is as fantastic as the first 18 hours have been!!!

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