I can't believe how quickly this spring has passed!! It seems absolutely insane to me!!
So here we go. June. Diplomas. Seminary graduation. YW graduation. High school graduation! MENTAL! I totally thought January was the most hellish month of my life.. And I think I might have been wrong. We have started review in Bio, Math, and Social.. And I'm going crazy. There is so much to remember and I can't remember any of it!! Like in math today.. Yeah, me and Kimber both felt like we got kicked in the face. What the fricking h is a z-score and how am I supposed to know how to graph it?! And in bio? What is a sensory neuron and how do you know where the post-synapse is? Social isn't too bad, actually.. Just a lot of remembering case studies and being able to apply them to different sources. 
Not to mention.. BIRTHDAYS! There are so many birthdays in June! Tomorrow is my Mom's 45th.. Er.. 29th birthday.. :) Then Friday is Myriam and Roxanne's 17th birthday.. And next Friday is Carter's birthday! Now I'm not gonna lie.. 17 is like the lamest birthday ever, because 16 and 18 are both a big deal.. But 17 is nothing. So I'm not even excited for the twin's birthday. Haha. But I'm SO excited for Carter's birthday! Because we weren't friends last year during his birthday! So me and Nathan are gonna do something awesome for him. :P I hope he doesn't read this 'cause he'll go all "Naw, don't do anything for it!" on my butt. TOO BAD!
Sidenote.. I love Jessica and Attena and America's Next Top Model and Carter and Kimber!! 

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