Yeah, so this weekend I graduate. Almost. I just need a diploma now. :) But here is a blog of all my adventures!!
Thursday was when Viktoria got here. I dunno if you knew this, but she's kind of my best friend! Haha! Yeah, she's just amazing.
So Thursday night Viktoria and Breanne (Marshall's girlfriend) slept over. We got up at like 630 on Friday so we could be ready to go to Waterton by 9am! Cory Jo (best lady ever?) came over at 7am with her gorgeous babe. We left my hoose at 930 and when we got to Waterton we got in our pretty clothes and took some pictures out by Waterton Lake.
Good looking bunch, I know. :) After we took pictures at Waterton Lake we went up by Cameron Falls. And we hiked about halfway up the Falls - if you've been, you know what I'm talking about haha - IN OUR HEELS! My feet have never been so sore. Anyways, then we went and ate at Zum's - mm mm mm!! - and THEN we went to the Big Scoop and it was fantastic!! So then we went home and visited my Gramma in the hospital (sad.) and then we went to my hoose and messed around until it was Banquet time! The Banquet was super good and we watched a great slideshow that Morgan put together for us. :) But at the same time, it was kind of sad cause it was the last fun thing our grade will do all together!!
I stole this picture from Kaitland Hill - hope you don't mind, babe! :)
After the banquet we had the fashion show - stressful!! - and then we had the party. The party was super fun! We had tons of astrojumps and food and games and then we went and played The Amazing Race! Might I mention that although me and Nikora - the best date ever! - didn't win (sorry!).. We did freaking good! :) And it was super fun.
All in all, I had a great weekend. And I LOVE all my friends and the people who made my years in school bearable.

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