Monday Woes.

I detest Mondays. It's hands down the worst day of the entire week. I start it off with Social 30-1, with Todd Heggie. Usually Social isn't too bad.. But this is a long class. An hour and a half. So usually he wings a practice diploma on us. H - E - double hockey sticks! After Social is Math Applied 30. Squi-dog. None of us ever do our homework over the weekend, so we spend this hour long class going over the homework while all of us quickly write down the answers. :) After Math is Biology 30-1. Hands down my favorite class. Jack McMurray is the greatest bio teacher in history, because he always makes everything so awkward for himself. Haha. Oh jees. Lunch, seminary, and then a repeat Social class. :( And then today after all of this.. We have Show Choir. Yep. That's right. We just finished all our performances. But lo and behold, we leave on trip on Wednesday! (Yellowstone. Big deal.) So we have to like.. Reblock everything or something like that. On the plus side.. After I finish my homework tonight, I don't have any homework to do until next Sunday! I love being in Show Choir hahah.
So once upon a time.. There was a CES Broadcast for all the YSA and Grade 12 seminary students IN THE WORLD. Guess what. That includes me! :) My first YSA Broadcast! It was definitely awkward when we - myself, Kimber, and Marshall - got there because we were the only young ones!! Ahh. But then it ended up not being too bad. And it was actually a fantastic meeting! However, it was broadcast from Lai'e Hawai'i.. So I really really really REALLY want to go back to Hawai'i now.. :(
Off to school. x.

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