Day One..

Hum.. So, a few of my friends have starting blogging lately.. And I decided I wanted to recreate a blog that would.. You know, have me blogging! :) However, I can't promise to keep it up to date until after diplomas are over.. Life of a high school senior, I suppose. How dreadful, right? I'll start with today, since today is the start of tomorrow. I woke up.. And went to school. Yay. Then I came home. Double yay. Then Carter came over and we made Rice Krispie Squares! Triple and quadruple yays! THEN I got my hair dyed, and then I had a Show Choir performance - which was awesome. We basically nailed it, I think! AND THEN we had a Show Choir party! It was sort of weird, because usually the party is always always always at McMullin's house. It always has been. But today we went to Freeze's house. And it was fantastic. We definitely had a dance party, and I'm still all sweaty. Mm mm mm.. :) Tomorrow is my last Show Choir performance (on the real stage) and I have mixed emotions. It's definitely going to be sad.. I love Show Choir.. But I hate the work and the time and the annoying grade 10s. We were NEVER like that!! Ever. Never ever ever. It's terrible! If anyone has anything they want me to blog on.. Feel free to ask. :) I mean, I don't have much of a life, so suggestions are welcome.

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  1. dearest Nicole. Nice to see you up and blogging!! I'll make sure that I follow you so I will know when you post!! See you in a few hours! L