What The Quail?

I was witness to the strangest thing this morning.. A quail. Crossing the highway. The intersection between HWY4 & the 845. Why so strange? I could barely see the road because of the blowing snow.. But this quail was braving the elements. It made me super jealous.

I know nothing about anything related to animals, birds or otherwise. But I do envy their ability to stay warm in the winter. I am so sick of the cold, and of being cold. Why can't I just get on my coat of feathers or super thick fur and hibernate until spring? 

Not to mention the fact that I am super sleep deprived! I'm just dumb, and stay up too late when I have to wake up early. But I have good reasons! 

Reason #1? The play, 'Annie Get Your Gun'. Our rehearsals go Tuesday-Thursday from 6 or 7-1030. YAWN! So then, naturally, I can't just go to bed, due to

Reason #2. Carter. In the mighty wise words of Dr. Seuss.. "You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." I prefer being with Carter over sleeping any time. Which is absolutely ridiculous, because I LOVE sleep!! I guess the good thing about him being gone on the weekends is that I sleep! This last weekend I slept from 11-11, and 10-8. Mm. So good. 

I guess I just need to find a happy medium, where I can balance rehearsals, Carter, and sleep!

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