Ramblings! :)

- Being home alone is the best / worst thing ever. I love being able to watch whatever I want, and sleep in silence, and bake and clean in peace.. But I hate having to deal with the dogs. And the dark! I have a crazy imagination when it comes to being home alone.

- I love apples and peanut butter.

- Chocolate chip cookies are good for the soul.

- Brunettes have more fun.

- JK Rowling is an amazing author. I kind of hope she writes another series.. But I don't really at the same time, because Harry Potter is such an amazing series. I would hate to taint my vision of her if the next series wasn't as good.

- I'm super glad I get to have Gina to discuss school with!! <3
 Speaking of Gina - Girl! I need a countdown for days until Wicked! Help me out?! How many days are we at?? Also, I am super wishing that you would change your Facebook name to Gina. I ALWAYS am so confused when I cant find you in my friends list!!

- My boyfriend is the best cuddler in the world. Even when he's not around! I still cuddle up in his sweats and hoodies and tshirts!! :)

- I have a new guilty pleasure... Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frauppacino & Subway.

- Steelers are going to win Superbowl IXV!!!

- If anyone is wondering, I've found my future engagement ring and wedding band.. Check these bad boys out!! Engagment - 1 , 2 .. Wedding - 1 , 2 ..


- I miss all 4 of my best friends tonight.. David is in Georgia - hopefully enjoying the snow! Viktoria is in St. Alberta.. Jessica is at WSU.. And Carter is at the regiment, getting ready to go on a march (?) tomorrow. Boo hoo!!

- Happy Chinese New Year!!

- Tomorrow, I'm doing laundry, cleaning my bedroom and bathroom, getting my hair cut, and bathing Gizmo (cause she freaking reeks SOOO bad!!). Sunday, I'm tidying up the rest of the house. Luckily, since I'm the only one home, this only means I have to pick up the dog toys and empty the dishwasher and fill it again!

- I'm hoping to get rid of the cold - pronto!!

- If anyone knows of anyone in Raymond or Lethbridge (or surrounding areas!) that has a pair of super cute - or not so cute - (maybe even with red embroidery?) cowgirl boots in size 9 or 10 that I could borrow until the beginning of April.. PLEEEEEASE let me know. I really don't want to have to go out and buy a pair just for this play!

- Oh, also. If anyone owns the dvd of 'Annie, Get Your Gun!' that I could borrow.. That would be mucho grande! Since I've never seen it, so I have NO clue what the story line is.. It's mucho confusing!

- I would love to learn to speak Spanish, so I can say mucho grande and not sound like an idiot. Any tutors out there? Hmm?

- Valentine's Day is in.. 9 days! This is also 7.5 months (but who's counting?) of N+C. My half birthday (February 17!) is also coming up super soon! I'm accepting presents, including (but not limited to) gift certificates, cash, and gas money. Blank cheques also make a great gift! Make sure it's made out to Nicole Martin. That's Nicole : N - I - C - O - L - E , with no H; and Martin : MAR - TIN. Thanks, y'all rock!!

- David says y'all. In his letters, in his emails.. I'm afraid of what he'll sound like in a year when he gets home!

- Yup. David gets home in THIRTEEN months!! THIS IS COMPLETE AND INSANE MADNESS!

- I am waiting to get my acceptance letter back from NAIT!! EEK! I can't even wait any longer!

I'm all out of things to ramble on about. Expect another random post tomorrow. Maybe a picture of my new hair, since it's brown and all... Mmmhm that's right!! :)


  1. I believe it is 158 days until Wicked. If it makes you feel better I'm putting Gina on my show choir jacket. :)

  2. ooh i like the wedding one the best :)