sup blog?!

Nicole - Hey! I have some guest bloggers with me today!! Here's Erica..

Erica- Sup!

N - And Viktoria is downstairs getting dressed up all pretty or something.. haha :) But she'll be joining us shortly. In the meantime, Ethan is trying to prick Erica's finger with my blood glucose meter. It's kind of a dramatic. OH! She did it! And no blood. Fail.

E - I didn't feel it at all!

N - What a drama queen. :)

E- Well in my defense the needle looked like a fricken killing machine!

Viktoria - HEYYY YALLL!!! WAZZUP???? So pretty much this is the best blog EVER!! Paul is reading behind me and is pretty much the sexiest guy EVER!! Tomorrow is Sunday :( Which means I have to go home... Sad day. Hopefully my neck isnt broken. MADDIE is here too! ( Its pretty much a party over here) 

N - Bummer that Tori is leaving. :( I wish she could just live here FORVER ! but she has school. It's okay, cause soon I'll also live in Edmonton and our schools will be like a stones throw apart! so we can go back to being best friends forever!!

V- Yeah pretty much it will be awesome, we will party ( and your invited!!) Adrian is here now.. and wearing a pink sweater which I bought for him. He just asked  "what is that!?" yep. 

n - silly boys don't understand anything.

v- Neither do I 

n - oh nbd, you'll be fine. :P

Nicole + Erica

Nicole + Viktoria

Nicole + Viktoria + Erica


Ethan tried to ruin the foto.


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