TODAY is never a good day.

I hate February 28.

It's mostly the most feared day of the year for me.

Wanna know why?

Do ya? Do ya?

Okay, I will tell you!

February 28, 2003. Early morning. House fire. See this beautiful house?

By Roxanne Karnas

Gone. Burned to the ground. How horrible is that? I miss this house so much, and every year on this day, my heart  hurts for this house. I tend to drive past where this beautiful house stood, and imagine what it would be like if it was still there. Would I have painted my room from pink and white to something more mature? Would I still play up in the loft? What would be in the playroom? Would we have built an addition so the boys could have their own rooms? Would Gramma and Grampa still live with us? But I guess there is no knowing the answers to these questions. There is only the present and the future, neither of which have this house.

February 28, 2008. I was so sick. So cranky, so sore, so ill.

So diabetic.

This is the day I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes

Now, I'm basically almost over the fact that I'm stuck with this horrible disease for the rest of my life.. But I am not happy about it! It's a really good thing I have such supportive family members, namely Justin (who is also diabetic..) and my mom (who is basically pro at this business), but also Carter (who technically isn't family..) who loves changing my sites, and giving me needles, and bringing me insulin when I run out. I do wish they could find a cure though. Nothing would make me happier. 

I guess today is also kind of a big deal.. Me & Carter have been dating for 8 months! Woah! :)

[Ps.. Look at this post - I put pictures on!]

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