A Challenge!

K guys.. My missionary best friend [aka. Elder Paxman] emailed me this morning. And I am challenging all of you to do it with me!!

Here is a reading assignment from my mission president and he wants
all of you to do it. I have done this once before and it is really
cool and will help you with any and every challenge or trial that you
all might be going through. I love it so PLEASE do it and we can
write each other every week and talk about some main things we liked
and stuff it will be awesome. Love ya

Love Elder Paxman
Dear Elders and Sisters,

As you know, the Book of Mormon, combined with the Spirit is the most
powerful resource in conversion. The most important person for you to
convert is yourself! You can't do that without the Spirit, and you
can't have the Spirit if you don't read the doctrines of Jesus Christ.
Despite how many times you may have read it in the past, the most
accurate place to read the doctrines of Christ is in the Book of
Mormon. It will draw you closer to God than any other book. The
Spirit will come into your hearts, and you will be strengthened
against temptation, gain a stronger testimony of the Savior and his
Restored Gospel, become a better example and servant in the Kingdom,
you will have greater love for the Savior and greater resolve to live
His commandments, and you will acquire the strength necessary to face
the adversities that are ahead as we advance through these latter days
in preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Thus, I am
asking you to read the following and PLEASE FORWARD this email TO YOUR
PARENTS OR GUARDIAN or others you so desire to join you in this

MEMO: To ALL Missionaries of the Georgia Atlanta Mission, their
parents, guardians, siblings, or other supportive people that may be
invited by a Georgia Atlanta Missionary to join in this opportunity.

FROM: President and Sister Steven H. Satterfield

Beginning 18 May, 2011, you are all invited to participate in reading
the Book of Mormon together over a 12-week period, concluding 9
August, 2011. Fundamental to the "restoration of the gospel" in this,
the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times, is the Book of Mormon
Another Testament of Jesus Christ. "The Book of Mormon is a powerful
evidence of the divinity of Jesus Christ. It is proof of the
Restoration through the Prophet Joseph Smith." PMG page 103

Here are the parameters of the assignment:

1. Begin reading by 18 May, 2011 and conclude no later than 9
August, 2011. This will require reading about 7 pages per day.

2. Before reading, kneel down and pray, asking for the Spirit to
be with you as you read.

3. In your weekly emails (between missionary and those at home)
to each other have "some" dialogue about something that impressed you
about your reading of the Book of Mormon that week. Keep a sticky
note or notebook handy to record those thoughts.

4. Obtain a new, inexpensive Book of Mormon and three different
colored pencils to use in marking scriptural passages along with one
blue pen. Use these three different colored pencils and pen to mark
the following types of scriptures:

a. Colored pencil #1: Mark all passages that make
reference to "Christ", His name, His words (often preceded by a
prophet saying "thus sayeth the Lord", His mission and/or His
atonement for mankind.

b. Colored pencil #2: Mark all passages that refer in
anyway to the The Doctrine of Christ: Faith in Jesus Christ,
Repentance, Baptism, the gift or influence of the Holy Ghost and
enduring faithfully to the end of ones life.

c. Colored pencil #3: Mark all passages that teach
Doctrines of the Gospel (not included in "a" or "b" above) such as:
prayer, resurrection, judgment, priesthood authority, forgiveness, the
Fall, Gathering of Israel, etc., etc. Mark the scripture and write in
the margin the doctrine taught.

d. Blue pen: Circle the word or various forms of the word
"deliver" whenever it is used directly or as a metaphor to refer to
the deliverance from sin and death the Savior will provide for ALL
mankind. (This will include the vast majority of the times you see the
word deliver or forms of that word.) In addition, circle the word
"remember" or versions of the word such as "remembrance" and write in
the margin what the writer is asking us to remember.

SUGGESTIONS: Use a new, inexpensive Book of Mormon. Do not worry
about marking things neatly since you will need to read 7 pages a day
and must "move along". Reading the Book of Mormon at this pace is
different from studying individual verses. You want to get the "big
picture" of the Book so DON'T SLOW DOWN. Read at least 7 pages a day
and quickly mark scriptures. Save close study of individual passages
or doctrines for another time and a different exercise.

Some years ago Sister Satterfield and I were invited to read the Book
of Mormon three times in twelve weeks or once every 30 days! We both
did that, and it was one of the great experiences of our lives.
Heavenly Father seemed to "run interference" for us with our worldly
cares, as we diligently prioritized to put Him first. When I finished
the assignment on the 90th day, I remember setting down the Book of
Mormon, turning to my wife and saying: "No WONDER they changed the
name of the Book of Mormon to: 'The Book of Mormon Another Testament
of Jesus Christ!' You CAN'T read that book without knowing Jesus
Christ is our Savior."

The restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is TRUE. The Book of Mormon is
the physical witness to the truth of the Restoration through the
Prophet Joseph Smith. This we KNOW to be TRUE.

President and Sister Satterfield
Georgia Atlanta Mission


Why do it? Because, like David said, it will help us through whatever challenge, trial, or tribulation we're going through. And I don't know about you, but I have my fair share of those right as we speak. And the more I think about it, the harder life is getting. Why not try it? :)

Day 19 - A song from your favorite album.
Here (In Your Arms) - Hellogoodbye
From the album: Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! 

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