you know when you meet someone? and you're so worried about fitting in? about standing out? about feeling like an outsider? well, i feel accepted. in fact, i've never felt so easily accepted in my whole life. it's funny how a hug can do that, isn't it?

hugs are funny things. they're comforting, they're a way of greeting, they're accepting.

a hug given without hesitation is beautiful. it means you've accepted the person, and want them close.
a hug taken without hesitation is beautiful. it means you already feel accepted, but would temporarily like to be close.
an unexpected hug is beautiful. it's overwhelming to feel that level of emotion.

i was able to witness an emotional exchange between a father and son last night. and when the father turned to me and hugged me, i was shocked. but it made me feel a lot better about some of the choices i've made.

Day 14 -  A song that no one would expect you to love

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