the little things.

-hugs from grandma. she is the best hugger in the world.
-kisses from my dogs. very smelly, very slobbery, but very loving.
-soccer games. orange slices, juice boxes, sugar cookies. and a hot goalie. ;)
-big bang theory. carter bought seasons 1 and 2, but promised he'd never watch it without me. well, the other night he watched 2 whole episodes without me! so last night i made him watch them over again. his mother and brother were quite frustrated, because they had already seen them.. but carter stood up for me and said "i broke a promise to nicole, and now we must all suffer." what a drama queen.
-pink pills. apparently they'll kill the pneumonia-causing bacteria in my lungs. here's hoping, cause i'm darn sick of coughing.
-five guys burgers and fries. delicious, greasy, salty, yummy, amazing.
-friendship on, friendship off. oh, silly kimber lee snow. how i've missed her.
-picking carter up from school. at lunch. like he's a little boy.

Day 11 - A song from your favorite band

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