i think not.

this week, i started reading the book of mormon every morning. remember that challenge i posted? 7 pages a day? yeah, i'm doing that. i started on tuesday.

tuesday night? was amazing. i had the best workout at zumba, woke up wednesday morning feeling SO ready to go.

wednesday night? i got a job!

thursday? i had a great day of job training.

and i just realized i haven't read this morning. which means that RIGHT NOW i am going downstairs to pull out my mini BOM to read another 7 pages, so hopefully - probably - i will have another great day of job training.


getting my very own set of CUTCO knives.

guys. if you wanna check these knives out..

gimme a holla.

starting saturday night,

i'll fully be qualified to show them!!

Day 28 - A song that makes you feel guilty

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