it's coming

i can smell it in the freshly dumped manure in the fields surrounding this little rural town.
i can feel it in the mosquitos that viciously attack my unsuspecting body.
i can hear it in the rumble of the street cleaner.
i can taste it in the frozen ice particles of slurpees, and in the thick creamy deliciousness that is ice cream.
i can see it in the soccer fields, now bubbling with children and their parents.

yup. it's coming.

it's in the sunburn on my cheeks and my nose.
it's in the green of the grass.
it's in the first bike ride of the season.
it's in learning how to golf.
it's in sweating all the ding dong day.
it's in swimming pools and bridge jumping.
it's in late night walks.
it's in flip flops.
it's in barbecues.
it's in sunday afternoon picnics.
it's in photo shoots.
it's in anklets and skirts.
it's in tennis and baseball.
it's in flowers and lemonade.
it's in rain.
it's in mud.
it's in thunder in the valley.
it's in wicked.
it's in turning 19.




Day 15 - A song that describes you
Who Says - Selena Gomez

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