yeah, thanks a lot.

i think my subconscious mind is angry with me.

there i was, sitting on the beach in hawaii, watching some university students wakeboard down a crevice in the rock face. kimber was on one side of me, dustin and sydnee on the other. carter was off buying refreshments. the sun was beaming down, sharing it's perfect warmth with everyone in sight. it was gorgeous. i could feel my skin crisping, and my brow was moist with sweat. i really wanted to go jump in the ocean to cool off, but i enjoyed the heat too much. then i saw carter meandering back to us, bottles of ice water in his hands. i watched him approach us, hand out the bottles, then he brought one over to me. he was unscrewing the lid, and i expected him to give it to me so i could quench my thirst. but no. he dumped the water over my head, dousing me in a frozen cascade of otherwise perfectly good drinking water. then the sun disappeared. the world became dark, and cold. when i opened my eyes again, i wasn't on a tropical beach paradise, but in my bedroom. outside my window was not palm trees and blue sky, but snow, snow, and more snow. so here i am, having ''hawaiian withdrawals''. this calls for a photo post. ya think? i think.

The end of a fabulous first day in Hawaii.

Laie Temple.

PCC. Mm, I love me some Polynesian men.


Me & Roxanne bought some new dresses.

Just relaxing.

Me mommy as a pineapple.

Me also as a pineapple!

Isn't this gorgeous? We drove around the East side of the island and found the most beautiful sites EVER. Ahh.

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