mm. blair.

k, watch this video. i found blair like.. 2 years ago, probably. and no, i'm not into her fashion channel [juicystar07], unless i need to watch how she curls her hair or something.. but i LOVE her vlog channel [otherjuicystar07]. she does these tag videos all the time, and i decided i wanted to do one. i was going to actually vlog it, but i look terrible right now. haha. :)

question one.
- what do you think you can do, but can't?
     draw. i pretend that i love drawing people, and flowers, and just all sorts of garbage.. but i'm actually a terrible artist.

question two.
- what is a difficult word for you to pronounce?
     wensday. and congradulations. [weDnEsday and congraTuations]
     also, carter says i pronounce "cheerios" weird..

question three.
- what is your favorite tv show from your childhood?
     the amanda show. hands down.

question four.
- what are your virtues (good qualities) and vices (bad qualities)?
     i think my good qualities are that i'm easy to talk to, and a good listener. but on the other hand, my bad qualities are that i have too much to say, and i'd rather say what someone wants to hear than what i want to say.

question five.
- what is more important: love, power, fame, or money?
     uh, love. duh.

question six.
- if you could live in any era or time period, what would it be, and why?
     i would have loved to be born in the early 1940s, so that i could live in the most inspirational time period EVER. the time of poodle skirts and sock hops, the beatles and elvis presley, the invention of so many amazing devices. would i have been a hippie, or a rebel? ah. i don't even know. but that's what i would have loved to grown up in. not that anything is wrong with this time period, but it just seems so... boring.

question seven.
- if you could recreate your wardrobe using only two stores, what would they be and why?
     k, this is such a hard question. um.. i think definitely warehouse one, and pacsun. or aeropostale, and pacsun. or wet seal and aeropostale.

question eight.
- can you recall what you were doing exactly a year ago today?
     march 21.. hm. it's safe to say that i slept in until about 1030, then got up and went to church.

question nine.
- do you have reoccurring dreams? if so, explain.
     not really, but i have dreams that continue from the last one!

question ten.
- what is your horoscope?
     k, i've never understood this question. does it mean like what is my sign? or do they want to know what my horoscope is today? because i'm a leo. and this means my horoscope for today is right here.

question eleven.
- what does your dream bedroom look like?
     i want.. here. i'll draw a picture. the floors will be hardwood, and the walls will all be off white, except the wall that my bed is on. it'll be like.. a light blue. and also, under the window is where my little puppy dogs will have a bed. :)

question twelve.
- what position do you sleep in?
     i usually fall asleep on my left side. sometimes on my stomach. but i wake up on my back.

question thirteen.
- who is your favorite vampire of all time?
     it's a tie. between.. jasper hale, and emmett cullen. jasper is just so awkward, and emmett is so funny! i love them. haha. :)

question fourteen.
- what are you wearing on your feet?
     nothing. they're really cold.

question fifteen.
- do you have neat handwriting? show us!
     here. another picture.

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