After much fretting and stewing and worrying and stressing and hoping and praying..

I did it! I got accepted to the Medical Transcription certificate program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

I'm super excited to start this new chapter of my life. And scared. And nervous. But mostly excited. I guess my next step is to get meself another job so I can pay the tuition! lol! And I'd best be finding myself a place to live in EDMONTON!

AHHH I'm finally leaving the nest!!!

(Ps.. Anyone living in or around Edmonton.. If you know of a place in the NW - or anywhere, really - that will have a place for me in the fall, let me know ASAP! And also, if you know anywhere that Carter might life - preferably close to where I'll be living lol - let me know also!!)


  1. Congrats Nicole!! I'm so happy for you!!

  2. NAIT was a GREAT school to go to. I know Edmonton very well, and the institute program up there is absolutely incredible... make sure you take part. SO FUN, CONGRATS !