in a perfect world:

stickers all peel off clean.

the weather man is always right.

the most wrinkled dollars are accepted by machines.

bags of chips are full.

markers do not bleed through the page.

there is always milk for the cereal.

the other sock never goes missing.

the pencil lead does not break off when you sharpen it.

the perforated page tears out clean every time.

all of the popcorn kernels pop.

people respond to texts immediately.

someone always has a pen.

in other news....

I think this may have been their first exposure to PhotoBooth. I don't know why it's taken me since July to introduce them to it!! Haha!! Anyways, they loved it! And after this we went to Ethan's farm and he let us pet some cows! It was pretty fun, and Taylor LOVE LOVE LOVED it. Madi, not so much. She was afraid that the mama cow was gonna come attack us cause we were petting her calf. Or that the calf was going to lick her, which I don't really understand, since her dog licks her all the time. But whatever. I really enjoyed it. Thanks again to Ethan for taking us on a farm tour!!


I dyed my hair. It's basically black. I think that Lori (our director) or Pudge (our hairstylist), or both, are going to kill me cause now I might look like one of the Native kids instead of a show girl. Ah, well. I really like it. Thoughts?

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