praise to the weekend.

whoever thought of weekends was a complete genius!

seriously, i can't even imagine not having a break!

i especially love that i get a 3 day weekend, occasionally 4 or 5 day weekends! :)

anyways, this weekend... well. where do i start?

after my terrible afternoon on friday.. i cleaned my room, which means i

- vacuumed up all the confetti that kimber trashed my room with. (see picture below.)

- cleaned my bathroom, which is a feat in itself..
- and did 6 loads of laundry. yes. 6. SIX! i don't even know what i've been wearing in the last 2 weeks, since i've had NO clean clothes! but it's okay, 'cause now my closet is PACKED full of clothes.

**in the process of putting my laundry away i realized that i have seriously like 9 pairs of jeans. of those 9 pairs.. there are 2 that fit me. see, i have zero buttocks, which is a result of me sucking at diabetes this spring. so i decided i'm going to attempt to make a jean blanket! i'm kind of excited, cause i LOVE jean blankets! with some nice flannel on the back.. yeah. yay me! :) 

anyways, so after i cleaned my room i went to lethbridge with carter and kyle (carter's friend from stirling) because kyle wanted to go to the dance. turns out i feel super old when i go to the youth dances, and carter hates dances.. so we just chilled. haha. we're so lame. we even were home at midnight. hahah. we suck.

this morning i was rudely awoken - just kidding - by my mother, because we had to go to lethbridge to get my stupid car. so i got home around 1130, showered, put the remainder of my clothes away, and started cutting up my jeans. :)

THENNNN i got my hair cut. :) haircuts are a huge deal for me, cause i just like having my hair long! (even though it's not even long!) i ended up wimping out and not cutting any length off. just got my bangs cut a bit, and the rest of it thinned out, cause turns out i have a ton of hair.

later i think i'm going to the Raymond Comets football game.. even though i've graduated.. does that make me a loser? i don't think so, since all my friends are still in high school (well. if i had friends..) and my boyfriend is filming it. so then i can at least go home with him or something! i don't know. gurr..

you know, my blog is SO gay. all i do is talk about my life. no one cares! hahah. oh well. i'm so over it. if you're reading it you obviously enjoy something about it. good.

oh. and if anyone has any jeans they want to get rid of... lemme know! they'll make a great addition to my blanket!!

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