welcome to my life.

so i know i've mentioned val, madi, and taylor a few times.. but i just thought i'd do a formal introduction.
fellow bloggers, meet 'my girls' - madi and taylor mclaren.

madison may is 5.
taylor raine is 2.
and they are both hilarious.
and adorable.
we always have a great time!!
i wish i'd taken more pictures of them, but from now on i'll always have my camera on me!!
(they both love carter, too. haha. no big deal.)
today, we did chin faces. hahaha. it was AWESOME.
I'm in the process of developing a schedule with the girls, but it'll probably change next week when Madi starts school. As of right now, though.. I leave my house at about 6:50am, which is a real pain in the caboose for me, since I hate mornings more than anything. Even more than I hate my dogs! Which, if you know me, is a lot. Anyways, I get to their house at like 7:20am, which is great. Haha. Usually Madi and Taylor are both still sleeping, but it depends on the day. Today, for example, Taylor slept till 8:30, and Madi slept till almost 9:30. It was awesome. But anyways, whenever they get up, we cuddle on the couch for a bit and watch some Barney, sometimes Dora, maybe a little bit of Toopie and Binoo. I hate those shows. Kidding, I secretly love them!! :P Madi is in swimming lessons from 10:30 - 11, so we try to leave the house by about 10:15, so she has time to get there and find her teacher. Me and Taylor go chill, eat some cookies, you know.. Have a great time watching Madi swim. She likes to wave. She probably waves like 123897 times in the half an hour she's in the water. Haha, what a sweetie. Yeah. So after swimming we go to their house, quick get changed, eat some lunch, then go on an adventure. Yesterday, we went to McDonald's and then to the Galt Gardens spray park with Heather and Jen and Dianne and my mom and Lisa and Carter.. And the girls freaking LOVED it!! Val said they talked about it all night. :) I felt special. Today we just went to Walmart and the Dollar Store. Then at about 2 I put Taylor down for a nap. It's super easy. All you do is fill her bottle up, give her the 'blankie', turn on her fan, shut off her light. And she's gone. Then it's time for one-on-one with Madi. We either watch a movie in her bed, or she puts on 'a show' for me. Really all this is is her interpretive dancing to Hannah Montana or something. Haha but it's really cute. Sometimes, like today, when I have a splitting headache, I put on a movie in her room, and we have quiet time. I think that's my favorite part of the whole day!! :) When Taylor wakes up and Madi is done her movie, we just hang out. Today we colored and did chin faces. Sometimes we go to the park. Then Val comes home and the girls - mainly Madi - cry 'cause I have to leave. :) Precious, really. I go home, hang out with Carter - if he's not working! - and then go to bed by like 10, cause if I'm up any later than that I have a really really really hard time getting up the next morning to start it all over. So yeah. That's my life for the next year.

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