high expectations?

I have got to lower my expectations for life.

Case and point:

Last night I went to Whoop-Up Days Midnight Madness, so I didn't get home until like 1am. Obviously, this morning I was pretty tired. Waking up was not an easy feat. In fact, I didn't wake up until 7. If you read my last post, that's when I'm supposed to be leaving my house so I can make it to McLaren's by 7:30. By some freaking miracle, I pulled in their driveway at 7:28. I was super impressed with myself. And no, I did not speed. The girls were mostly really good today. I had to gently tell Madi that when I tell her to do something she has to do it. I kind of felt like I was underminding her mom, but then I realized that if Val isn't there I'm the one that's in charge, and she needs to listen to me. So after that little episode it was fine. Anyways, I was so looking forward to today all week, because I knew that the family was going camping, which means I get off like 2 or 3 hours early. And to make it even better, when I got there Val told me she was going to pay me. Score! All day I anticipated the glorious moment when Val would arrive home. Then it came. YAY! So I quickly drove to the ATB branch on Mayor Magrath to cash my cheque, because I knew that the Raymond branch would be closed by the time I got there. And what? She can't cash it? Because I'm ''too young'' and they are suspicious funds. ($650 for child care. Who cares! Oh, she does!) So she puts it in my account and says.. "They're going to hold it for 5 business days," which would put my estimated funds arrival at Friday. Oh, yeah. In a week. GAY! "But if you call your home branch, they might be able to take the hold off." I HATE BANKS! They couldn't release the hold. :( Whatever. So that was my downer #1. Then my mom calls and tells me my car is ready, cause we had it towed to VW yesterday. So I was thrilled. Then she told me what was wrong with it. "You need a new key." WHAT?! My car was parked for 2 weeks because I needed a new KEY!? I got over it. Then I called my dad. He says.. "There's a really long list of things wrong with the car. I think we're just going to sell it."

So now I have no money, still no car, and we might be selling the car that I do have! :( Some Friday!

Sidenote. I realized today that I really miss the presence of the Paxman family in my life! I used to hang out with David all times, and I saw Jolene every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday even after David left. Since I stopped going to YW and I'm done with Show Choir.. Well, I never see her! I see Cam once in a while, and Cody came to my house the other day.. But I just miss them!! :(


  1. oh Nicole!! How I miss you!!! You're right, the bank is GAY fo'shizzle. And the car is GAY too. In fact, they're GAY together. But I hope you still have a good weekend. Have your mom spot you a loan until FRIDAY when your check clears! ttys, L