life is a process.

I learned that : Kisses should not be taken for granted, so kiss that 'special someone' every chance you get.
I learned that : Sometimes just brushing your teeth isn't enough to hide bad breath. Sometimes you need a mint. Or gum. Or both. A combination of the three and you're definitely all set.
I learned that : Silence means more than words ever could.
I learned that : True friends are okay with not doing anything.
I learned that : I have the most incredible friends and family and boyfriend (although he's also considered a friend.. haha. Minor altercation. He gets his own category tonight though!) in the entire world. I envy every other 17 - almost 18 - year old girl on this planet because they aren't as lucky as I am.
I learned that : Marshall is a very brave soul. I'm gonna miss him - and his little girlfriend :P - a whole lot when they're gone. :(
I learned that : Me and Adrian are gonna be friends for a very long time. :)
I learned that : Honesty really is the best policy.
I learned that : It's okay to spend a hot August afternoon cooped up in your bedroom, because you'll feel really good when it's all clean and organized!
I learned that : I have a lot more to learn about myself and the world and people around me.

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