25 Things that make Me ME!

1. I love food a little too much. Mm.. I basically love everything edible. However, I HATE tomatoes, mushrooms, and dill pickle chips.
2. I love music more than anything on the entire planet. There is a song, artist, or genre for every mood and situation. I always have music with me, whether it's playing out loud, in my ears, or in my head.
3. I have the most amazing family ever! Even though me and my brothers give each other a hard time, we all know that we're really there for each other. Not even to mention how much my parents have done for me. I also have an incredible extended family. Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents.. They're all amazing. Loud and obnoxious.. But amazing.
4. I love blogging. I don't have a lot to blog about.. But I blog whenever I think about it! I might even just copy and paste this into my blog! If you haven't ever seen my blog.. Check it out!! http://lifeof-nicole.blogspot.com :) Note, I wrote this before I realized I was going to be posting it on my blog!!
5. I am diabetic. And I suck at being diabetic. It's really a challenge.. But I deal with it. And when I don't deal with it, my amazing family (see item #3) helps me out. And even though I complain about people riding me about taking my insulin.. I really do appreciate the help.
6. I graduated!! This is kind of a big deal for me, since my whole life I've been in denial of getting old. But now it's finally here. (Speaking of old, I turn 18 in like 20 days!!!) So this fall, instead of returning to high school - I hope.. Diploma marks aren't here yet.. - I'm working as a nanny for the McLaren family in Lethbridge. They have 2 little girls - Madi is 5, and Taylor is 2. They're adorable.
7. Hawaii is the most beautiful place I've ever been. And I plan on going MANY more times before I die. I seriously just love it WAY too much! I guess this random fact about me is that I love travelling. I've been so fortunate to travel around the world.. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hawaii, and most of the western States.
8. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.. And I LOVE it! There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that everything has a purpose and there's a plan for everything and everyone. I love going to all my meetings, and I can't wait to get my memberships transfered to the Young Single Adult ward!! :)
9. I love potatoes. Potato chips, fries, hashbrowns, baked, scalloped.. You name it, I love them!! (I now realize that this has a lot to do with item #1.. But that's fine!)
10. I have some pretty awesome high heels, if I do say so myself.
11. I love to have gel nails and toenails on. I love getting my eyebrows waxed. I love shaving, I love having my hair done all cute. However, I'm not high maintenance. I don't mind getting dirty, and I don't always have to look perfect. In fact, I rarely do. I love running around in sweats and a hoodie, hair thrown back, no make up on. It's the way to go!!
12. I hate driving. I don't know what it is about it, but it just freaks me out. Maybe it's not knowing what the other drivers are thinking, or maybe it's being responsible to all the other people out on the road. And having passengers doesn't help, 'cause then I'm responsible to them too. But I think I'm a pretty decent driver!!
13. I love good smelling people. Like, for instance, my dear boyfriend.. Yeah, he always smells amazing. :)
14. I watch a lot of movies. Like.. Really. A lot. I usually watch at least a movie every day. No big deal. My favorites? Princess Bride, John Tucker Must Die, Heavyweights..
15. I love Apple, Mac, iPod, iPhone (An amazing device. Get yourself one.).. You know. Steve Jobs stuff.
16. I have the best friends in the whole world. I can't even begin to write a list of all my friends.. But the important ones are Carter, Marshall, Myriam, Jessica, Viktoria, Elder Paxman, and Kaiti. :) The rest of you are just as important, I just don't have time to write an elaborate list! Just know that I am incredibly grateful for everything you do for me, have done for me, and will do for me! :)
17. Diet coke is my guilty pleasure. However, I rarely feel guilty for drinking it. And I do drink it with great pleasure. I just love diet coke.
18. Summer is the most incredible season. When I'm all grown up, I WILL live somewhere where they have summer for at LEAST 3/4 of the year.. I am cold unless it's like 26ÂșC outside. Ask Carter. It's true.
19. I have a great memory. Once I've been somewhere once or twice, or dialed a number, or seen someone I remember it forever. I remember how to get there, the number, and names. Not to mention I remember experiences and happenings. And it's even better that I always have music playing - see item #2 - because music triggers memories! Bet you didn't know that!
20. I hate dogs. I mean, I happen to have 2 that live in my house.. And they're alright, sometimes. Most of the time I hate them. I hate strange dogs that think they own all the land. I hate dogs that bark. I hate dogs!
21. I love pictures and picture frames and taking pictures and cameras and stuff. Not like, professional stuff.. Just spur of the moment - HOLD THAT POSE SO I CAN TAKE A PICTURE - sort of stuff. Plus, when I take pictures of me and my friends - see item #16 - I usually get them developed and put them in a frame and put them in my room. I have SO many pictures in my room!! :)
22. I LOVE SLEEP. There is nothing better than crawling into my bed after a long day - or short day - and just crashing. I have a gorgeous quilt that my Gramma just made me, and it's absolutely fabulous. I also love my down pillows from the Hutterites - they're awesome people, you know! However, I HATE waking up. I'm the least of all the morning people you ever will meet. I dunno how I'm gonna fare when I have to be in Lethbridge at 7:30 every morning for my job!
23. I have a love/hate relationship with cleaning. I love the satisfaction of having a clean house or bedroom or bathroom or truck.. But I hate the effort required.
24. I think showering is a real hassle. I think it's because I have so much hair. Because actually, I love feeling refreshed when I get out of the shower, and being all clean and what not.. But I hate doing my hair. I hate having wet hair on my neck and face. But I don't like blow drying my hair because I use so much heat on it that it's fried as it is, without blow drying it every day!! Easy solution? Shower at night, braid the mop, and it's usually dry in the morning. If it's not, it only takes like 5 minutes to blow dry it, instead of 15 or 20.
25. I've always wished my mom would have put me in dance or gymnastics. And then in soccer. I'm such an untalented, boring person. If it hadn't been for piano lessons, some singing lessons, and Show Choir.. I'd be nothing.

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  1. I LOVE getting my eyebrows waxed too! I find it very relaxing! I almost fall asleep when I get it done. I also hate driving. Given the choice I will not drive. I find it boring. I can't look around and be entertained.