Watch Out!!

Come one, come all!!
This show is incredible!!
I just love all these boys!!
So here is my little introduction to the boys and their show.
Thursday - June 17
Friday - June 18
and Saturday - June 19
Talk to any of these boys, Carol Dahl, or Carole Court for details!!

Dahlin Law. What a hottie! :) 
Lowell Steed. Little guy, big voice.
Paul McMullin. I like to think of him as the lighthouse. 'Cause he's so tall, and so shiny!
Jeff Kiss. Comic relief. Always.
Marshall Leishman. A star! With a busted wrist!
Ethan Palmer. H-I-larious!
Max Erickson. The cute one.
Adrian Jones. The local heart throb.
Mike Freeze. The tiny leader.
Colin Jensen. The Irish one?
Samuel Hornberger. The gorgeous guitarist.
Seriously, if you miss this show, you're missing out on a great evening!! :) :) :) I can't wait to go two whole times!!

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