A Whole New World..

Nicole's back.. This time, I'm coming to you as a high school graduate! Yep, I did it! I finished high school! Thinking back on the years, it seemed like it would never happen. And now it has! I am yet to decide if it's a good thing or not. I guess that depends on whether or not I get a job and a new car and if I move out and if my parents kick me out and if I like YSA and.. Lots of things! But, I am excited to not have to have homework or deal with tests and teachers until I decide to go to university! However, that is a whole new world to me (as the title of this post might imply).
Sidenote - I think I might need to move out before I kill my brothers!!!
Anyways, I'm off to download new music and live my life as a graduate!

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