Today was a stellar day. And there are hours left!! :)
Me and Breanne had a sleepover.. Again.. And it was superb. :) Haha. Except that the stupid dogs woke us up. So then she went and crawled in my bed and I got up and did some work.
Then I went to Lethbridge with my mommy and got myself an iPhone! This is the best grad gift I could have ever asked for. Like really. Ever. I'm obsessed with it. How I ever did without it is beyond me.
Beyond is such a weird word.
Did I mention that I cleaned my room, too? 'Cause I did! I love having a clean room, but I hate actually cleaning it..
Okay, so then I get home from Lethbridge with my iPhone - Hurray!! - and Val calls me. I've never mentioned Val before.. But she's my new employer!! Yes! I got a job! And it's gonna be a good one, I know it! I'm going to be her nanny to her 2 year old - Taylor Rain - and her 5 year old - Madison May. I don't start until August.. But this means I can stop looking for a job!!
Now I'm gonna go play with my favorite boy ever, Mr. Carter. :)
Ps. Happy Canada Day, tomorrow!!
I can't wait for.. Everything!! Life is way too good.

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