summer is here.

i have proof.

exhibit a - carter and i spent 34 consecutive hours together. all nighter? i love that.

exhibit b - carter and i did 3 hours of yard work today. in the sun. 26ยบ of sun to be precise.

exhibit c - carter and i spent 2 hours on the trampoline. from 10 until 12. and we weren't even cold. score!

exhibit d - we had a bbq. just the two of us. jealous? you should be. he is a dang good grill master.

my feet are stained green from mowing the grass.

my eyes are drooping from the lack of sleep.

my legs are shaved.

my hair is as up as it's gonna get.

this is the first time i've been on the computer all day.

summer is here. and it's in full force.


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  1. i am absolutely jealous! that sounds like one amazing weekend. i need to work on living up to your standards!