oh myy.

Kari. Thank you for this song. I've listened to it 8+ times.. Since I read your blog about 20 minutes ago.. Haha! :)

Last night was sweet. A bunch of friends that I've been missing [Sydnee, Dustin, Maddie, Adrian, Ethan, Kelsey(Beans), Dahlin, Christine(also known as 'Beans', 'Brad', or 'Chris'), Dillon.. And, of course, me and Carter] went and had a great time. We ate at Moxie's, then went bowling. Then everyone else went to Chris' to eat ice cream sandwiches and mix Diet Coke & Mentos. Buuut I had to take my mama up to the hospital. :(

Back to bowling. I suck. Trash. It was so embarassing. Seriously. I scored 63. Chris had 174. Booooo. Hahahah. I'll have to practice up.

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